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Vance Miller – for well over 30 years, the name has been connected with the kitchen industry and rarely if ever, in a good way. Kitchen Gangster, scammer, rogue, swindler, dodger, swine and bar stard are just a few of the printable insults used by people posting on certain consumer forums so, the first time you hear of him, it’s easy to assume that his reputation is true. Going online to check him out doesn’t do a great deal to help change that assumption either, on the face of it. There are newspaper stories going back years highlighting quotes from Trading Standards that his company receives 1,000’s of complaints annually, and tales of numerous court actions brought against him by the aforementioned Trading Standards does nothing at all to change the popular view of this purported serial conman...... until you start to examine the facts:

According to comments made on several consumer forums, Vance Miller owns (or is somehow linked to) anywhere between 40 and 450 different kitchen companies, which appear to be a mixture of real companies with bricks and mortar showrooms and online websites which he allegedly uses to entice customers to buy his ridiculously inexpensive kitchens.

It’s just not logical...Nobody can own that many companies in one industry whilst at the same time scamming and ripping off every customer who ever bought from him....and according to the records he’s been doing it and getting away with it for over 30 years...and apparently from the same address at a mill in Oldham!!

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Is there a possibility that any buyer who isn’t happy with their kitchen, whoever they bought it from, can easily take revenge on their supplier by simply posting on the internet that the offending company is linked to the mysterious and evil “Kitchen Gangster”, Vance Miller, thus destroying their reputation forever? At the same time, yet another kitchen company becomes linked to Mr Miller, the omnipresent, evil arch-villain of the kitchen world. Would it be unthinkable for one or two of the large national kitchen suppliers to consider linking up-and-coming rival companies to this reputation-damaging pariah?

I have a journalists nose for an interesting story and the deeper I dug into the background of this character, the more it started twitching. I decided to learn more. It’s not as if he’s kept a low profile and no-one has ever heard of him. How many REAL-LIFE villains could get away with the sort of behaviour he’s been publicly accused of for any length of time? The Kray twins, Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde etc – none of them got away with it for long because they were guilty! Governments simply can’t allow that sort of behaviour to be seen to continue unchecked. Maybe Miller’s reputation owes more to mass hysteria, doctored press releases and manufactured propaganda than people think.